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Raw Food for Cats and Dogs

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Real food for cats and dogs means fresh high quality human grade ingredients.

Nutrient rich real food diets contains healthy essential fatty acids, improving skin and hydrating coats for pets.

Improved oral health for cats and dogs as the food contains no sugars and chemical additives that could potentially contribute to periodontal diseases.

Improved coats and healthy skins for cats and dogs as the food contains no chemicals, sugars or artificial food fragments.

Real food helps maintain healthy body weight in your pets, which can result in longevity.

Improved joint support for cats and dogs as the food contains no chemicals and sugars that could potentially contribute to joint problems.

Improved quality of life and longevity for your pets, as the food contains only natural, unprocessed real food sources allowing your pets to thrive, not just survive.

High quality ingredients help build strong immunity and increased vitality in pets.

Real food means high digestibility, resulting in fewer and smaller stools for cats and dogs.

Freshly made real food means no additives or preservatives.

Improved immunity for your pets as the food contains no chemicals, sugars or artificial food fragments, is high in bio-availability, nutrients and biologically appropriate.

Raw food-based diets for cats and dogs have grown in popularity over the last decade, but along with this growing popularity has come growing controversy regarding the benefits of fooding a raw and real food diet. The BARF, PMR and PREY philosophy is about fooding your cat or dog a diet as close to what they would have consumed as wild animals, way, way, way back when. Biologically (Species) Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) is A PHILOSOPHY, a nutritional and dietary FRAMEWORK. BARF is not a product. BARF, Prey Model Raw (PMR) and PAD (Prey Appropriate Diets) advocate that cats and dogs should eat real food, that simple. The PHILOSOPHY acknowledge that real food is much more natural for our pets and their digestive systems, than the synthetic McKibble and McCan. The stomach pH in dogs and cats is much lower than in humans and as a result, they can break down raw meat and bone easily, contrary to what many cultured folks think or have to say.

Manufactured kibble feed (McKibble and McCan) is based on meat derivatives and contain added sugars, preservatives as well as other ingredients that are not good for your dog and cat, or their long-term health. Real food use human grade meat and vegetables, super-foods and oils are added for extra vitamins and nutrients. The benefits are numerous!

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Raw Food for Pets