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October 2, 2019

What is involved in making the decision to change my dogs diet to raw food?

Making the decision …

The hard part is making the decision, then sticking to it. It is important to know what may happen and be prepared. Healthy fur kids may go through the transition without a hitch, but some may be more picky or sensitive than others and there may be a few bumps along your journey. In the long run, the feeding regime becomes second nature. Your fur kids will enjoy the food and most importantly you will both enjoy their improved and healthy life.

  • Be positive: dogs and cats are very sensitive to apprehensions or scepticism. Being confident will reassure your fur kids about your choice to change to a new diet.
  • Go slow with older dogs: the older the dog (or the longer it has been eating kibble), the longer you should take to transition to the new diet.
  • Choose one meat to start: while variety is the key to good health when feeding a raw diet, it’s best to start with one type of meat during your transition (preferably the same meat type you are currently feeding). This will make it easier on your fur kid’s digestive system.
  • Fast your dog the night before: your fur kid will have a greater interest in the new food the next morning and this also gives their digestive system a chance to rest.
  • Limit treats during the transition: especially flour / grain based ones, to increase your fur kid’s appetite for its meals.
  • Provide access to plenty of clean water

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Raw Food for Pets