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Kefir for Pets

Kefir (Wikipedia) is a fermented milk drink that can be made from any type of milk – goat, cow, coconut, rice, soy, sheep, you name it. Most commonly, kefir is an active product cultured from 40 to 50 different probiotic bacteria and yeasts. It is a naturally sour cultured milk that is rich in probiotics and has many health benefits including its antibacterial properties from the Lactobacillus Pylori probiotic and Kefirin extract that are unique to milk kefirs. These inhibit the growth of Salmonella, Helicobacter Pylori, E Coli and other pathogens. The bulk of those grains are a combination of insoluble protein, amino acids, lipids and complex sugars. The word “kefir” comes from a Turkish word that means “good feeling”, and pronounced “kah-fear!”, this “grain of life” is similar in appearance to regular yogurt, however has a way bigger engine under its hood! Kefir is rich in B complex vitamins such as Vitamin B1, B12, as well as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin K and biotin. The main minerals present in kefir tend to be calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Kefir is a fantastic source of many nutrients for huumans and pets alike (typical nutritional profile for 1 cup):

  • Protein: 4 grams;
  • Calcium: 10% of the RDI;
  • Phosphorus: 15% of the RDI;
  • Vitamin B12: 12% of the RDI;
  • Riboflavin (B2): 10% of the RDI;
  • Magnesium: 3% of the RDI;
  • A decent amount of vitamin D!

Commercial pet foods can contain up to 70% carbohydrates! These carbs are broken down to sugars, which then fuel the yeast in your pets’ bodies! Too much yeast = big time problems!

If you cannot switch to a low carb pet food, like a species appropriate raw food diet we supply, then you will need to supply your pet with something to attack the yeast. Meet kefir. These dairy or water-based grains have a multitude of vitamins and minerals. They provide a wide variety of probiotic organisms and have super awesome healing qualities.

Kefir contains several major strains of friendly bacteria not commonly found in yogurt such as Lactobacillus Caucasus, Leuconostoc, Acetobacter species, and Streptococcus species. It also contains beneficial yeasts, such as Saccharomyces kefir and Torula kefir, which control and eliminate destructive pathogenic yeasts in the body.

Benefits of Kefir:

  • Kefir provides anti-biotic and anti-fungal properties;
  • A must add after the use of antibiotics to restore balance to your pet’s digestive tract;
  • Helps to prevent allergies in your pet;
  • Beneficial for candidiasis and heart problems in pets/humans;
  • Vitamin B will regulate the normal function of the kidneys, liver and nervous system for you and your pet;
  • Helps to promote healthy looking skin, boosting energy and promoting longevity;
  • All the micro-organisms present strengthen the digestive system;
  • Helps to alleviate gas, bloating and heartburn;
  • Probiotic aid may help with IBD (IBS), eczema and bad breath;
  • Has been linked to aid in gastritis, pancreatitis, abdominal peptic issues, skin psoriasis, rheumatism, joint disease as well as gouty arthritis, weakening of bones, anaemia, as well as leaky digestive tract syndrome;
  • Able to reduce risking potential a number of malignancies, such as colon cancer malignancy, stopping the increase of cancerous cells;
  • Health advantages comprise of acne pimple management or treatment, sleep problems, unhappiness, asthma attack, respiratory disease, high blood pressure, all forms of diabetes, long-term weakness syndrome, allergic reactions, colitis, looseness of the bowels, and so forth.

As always: variation, moderation and balance! Kefir is very safe, This is not to say that some people or pets don’t react negatively to kefir, especially when first trying it. When introducing kefir to your pets, remember to always go slow.

Give your pet’s system time to adjust. For the first few days to a week try half the recommended dosages. This will avoid digestive upset as your pet’s system adjusts to the increase of good flora in their GI tract.

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