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Nutrition for Pets

I have seen the Enemy, and He is Us

(Image Credit: AFP/GETTY IMAGES, Africa Defense Forum) We define the concept of a biologically species appropriate diet for our fur kids as a diet based on real food, in its most natural state. We test our hypothesis with a series of articles.


Fooding Guidelines and Calculators

Maintaining a healthy pet requires constant monitoring, as all of the maths and science available to us as pet parents only provide you with a crude guideline to estimate their daily consumption or fooding needs. Their needs, just as ours, change over time. It is therefore extremely important that you will need to remember to observe and adjust their daily allowances to keep it in a healthy, moderate body condition score.


Where 2 Buy?

Not sure where to purchase real food for your mutts, pups, nobles and masters? Let our store locator help you!
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