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Canine Adult Fooding Guidelines

Please read our blog post on the topic. The raw dog food calculator provide you with crude basic guidelines as to your mutt, pup or nobles daily consumption requirements. 

Please NOTE! The calculator applies to ADULT dogs only. For this reason, the AGE of your pet is fixed from 2 years onward.


Calculating metabolisable energy (ME) of products in their natural state require adjustment to the published ME assumption. The ME (metabolisable energy) in products of vegetable or animal origin, in their natural state, fresh or preserved, such as meat, offal, milk products, cooked starch sources; highly digestible special products such as milk substitutes or diets for enteral nutrition has to be predicted with the following equations.

  • Dogs: kcal ME = (4 x % crude protein) + (9 x % crude fat) + (4 x % NFE)
  • Cats: kcal ME = (4 x % crude protein) + (8.5 x % crude fat) + (4 x % NFE)

Additional Calculators

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