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What is Canine vaccination?

Canine vaccination

What is Canine vaccination about?

Vaccination of dogs is the practice of animal vaccination applied to dogs. Programs in this field have contributed both to the health of dogs and to the public health. In countries where routine rabies vaccination of dogs is practiced, for example, rabies in huumans is reduced to a very rare event. (see: Wikipedia)

Vaccination has become a controversial topic among veterinarians and dog owners, pet parents and guardians. Specific adverse reactions and general consequences for long-term health and immunity are both being cited as reasons to reduce the frequency of pet vaccination.

Core vaccines are defined as those vaccines which ALL dogs, regardless of circumstances, should receive. They are considered “essential for health” and are recommended by most veterinarians for all domestic dogs, regardless of circumstances. These include:

Non-core vaccines are those that are required by only those animals whose geographical location, local environment or lifestyle places them at risk of contracting specific infections.

  • Both of the most recent vaccine protocols no longer consider canine parainfluenza to be a core vaccine and have moved CPiV into the non-core category;
  • For dogs expected to board, be shown, or to enter a kennel situation within 6 months, vets may recommend administering Bordetella, which protects again a respiratory illness commonly known as “kennel cough” in addition to canine parainfluenza virus (another kennel cough agent).
  • For dogs living in / visiting rural areas or areas frequented by wildlife, another important vaccine is to consider is against Leptospirosis, a disease characterized by weakness, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain, and kidney and liver failure. Leptospirosis comes from standing water containing urine from animals infected with leptospira, and the disease can be transmitted to humans via contaminated water or food.

Not recommended vaccines, generally not recommended, owing to unproven efficacy, are:

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