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What is Cat?


What is a Cat?

Cats are furry animals (in the main) with a long tail and sharp claws. If you are from the 3rd rock, then you might have kept cats around. Over here, however, cats often form part of the household and keep huumans around. They are indeed not pets, but rather, masters. You are the slave in the relationship, they prefer to communicate via interstellar memos, and in the main proof that the earth is not flat. We like to refer to cats as either masters or muggles. Cats have many different synonyms, such as cat, feline, felines, kitten, kittens, felis catus, family Felidae, with cousins such as the lion, tiger, leopard and lynx. Cats, catfish and catamarans are not related. We subscribe to the notion that cats are obligatory carnivores.

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