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What is Raw Food for Cats?

Raw Food for Cats

What is Raw Food for Cats?

Real meat based food for cats is naturally rich in real bioavailable amino acids (protein), a source of many natural vitamins and minerals, including real micro-nutrients such as selenium, iron, and niacin. All animal protein sources is naturally rich in taurine.

What is The Best Food for Cats?

The Best Cat Food is Real Raw Food. Raw, Prey, Biologically, Natural, Organic and Species Appropriate Food for Cats. No artificial colourants, flavourings, wheat, corn, soy, rice or other fillers. Real Organ Meat, Including Tripe. Real Raw Animal Protein Sources including Beef, Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Ostrich, Pork, Quail, Rabbit, Tripe, Turkey and Venison. Nutrient Rich Real Food Diets contains healthy essential fatty acids, improving skin and hydrating coats for Cats. Highly Bioavailable Food, Probiotic with Active Enzymes, active anti-inflammatory goodness formulated to deliver optimal nutrition for your cats.

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