Herbs and General Well-being …

In our daily interaction with pet parents and ill fur kids, we have found some valuable herbal solutions that will help your fur kids recover and / or fight some common diseases we often observe. We discuss these in greater detail.
Herbs for Cats and Dogs

Health is not simply the absence of disease. Many of our fur kids may appear to be healthy, as they are not demonstrating signs of illness, but in fact they could be ill. As an example, a fur kid with diabetes may not show any clinical signs until the diabetes has advanced, yet blood and urine tests would show changes in glucose concentrations that would allow a diagnosis of diabetes prior to clinical signs.

Good health implies the ability to resist disease, to respond well to life, and to resist assaults on the various body systems. In short, a healthy fur kid is one who has a greater overall ability to stay well, not ill, and to be able to recover from any illness that might afflict the body more quickly than a pet who lacks this overall quality of health. A health fur kid not only “looks healthy”, but is in fact truly healthy.

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

~Thomas Edison

That’s why it’s so important for fur kids to have the opportunity for regular medical care, at least annually, just as it is for huumans. Since many diseases, such as kidney failure in dogs, take months or years to occur, proper care and early diagnosis are important. Proper nutrition is important for the life of your fur kids for the same reason. While many of our pets appear “healthy”, we know that this may not be the case. Many of our fur kids, due to an improper diet and lack of regular medical care, are only marginally surviving. Yet, you’ll never know it because your fur kid “appears healthy”. Don’t be deceived by appearances. Years of improper diet, over-dependence on vaccinations, lack of preventative care, and use of potentially harmful medications when safer natural supplements could be used in their place, can slowly kill your fur kid without you even knowing about it.

The Positive

Advocates of alternative therapies remind us that medicines have had plant sources for centuries before the invention of chemicals, and many of our prescription medications still do today. The reality is that many of the synthetic drugs today actually once a plant source. Many believe that alternative medicines work synergistically and have greater effect than traditional prescriptions. A whole new field of study is evolving based on the concept of nutraceuticals ​1​ as a result.

The Negative

However, not all veterinarians endorse the concept of herbal remedies. Some are not confident in these solutions, as many claim that they have not been extensively tested, or there be any supportive evidence. This is because most evidence comes from pet parents, guardians and slaves, and in their world, are not trained in noting side effects or identifying other possible causes for a positive response.

As with any condition we observed, the most healthful natural diet will improve your pet’s overall health.

Additional Articles and Videos

Good reference articles & videos further reading available at:

  • New Concepts in Nutraceuticals as Alternative for Pharmaceuticals (PubMed);
  • Food is Medicine – An introduction to Nutraceuticals (Dr Perkins Muredzi) (ResearchGate);

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