Is Raw Dog Food better than Kibble?

Updated on June 2, 2021
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Is raw dog food better than kibble?

We think so, however, it is also a loaded question. Is McDonalds better than a freshly home cooked meal? Or perhaps Burger King? Do you want your cats and dogs to thrive, or survive? What did our great grandparents feed their dogs and cats? It was not McKibble, it was real food.

Bar all of the so-called research for both camps, let us consider the statements in the tables below for comparisons.

Consider this – an average dog of around 25 kilograms, eating McKibble for a year, will consume approx 8 kilograms of preservatives and other inappropriate chemicals, whereas on real food, none.

In the end, you would need to evaluate:

  • does real food fit your lifestyle?
  • do you think it is affordable?
  • is your pet worth the investment?

Again, ignoring the arguments for and against, the so-called research or lack therefore, or the so-called bacterial risks, consider the answer to the following question: if you where to be placed in the care of another, would you expect them to provide you with real or synthetic nourishment?

Many argue that you cannot produce a raw meal based on the NRC nutritional requirements for canine and feline, however, we argue that you can, and our catalog and Directory of supreme cuisine demonstrate this fact.

You also have to ask yourself this: if in 3 million years of human evolution we keep on screwing up our own dietary requirements and nutritional needs, and the understanding thereof, how then can we claim to know what an animal such as a dog or a cat really need, when they cannot provide feedback, and claim to have mastered these needs and gain knowledge in a mere 80 years?

We therefore DO think that raw and real food is better than McKibble and McCan, but then we are biased as we believe the investment in our pets is worth every penny.


Cost EffectiveLot’s of fillers, lot’s of waste
ConvenientGrains, cereals and non specie appropriate bits
Easy to serveHighly processed
Simple to storeSynthetic food fragments
Long shelf lifeSynthetic vitamins
Easy to transportNo life essense
Range of choicePreservatives
Perceived less riskyUse of colourants and other chemical additives

Real Food

Healthier real foodCan be messy
Improved stools, less wasteRequire freezers
Natural nutrientsRequire freezer space
Full of life essencePerceived risky
Improved selfPerceived expensive
No preservativesRequire frozen transport
No colourants or additives requiredLimited choice
No heat processing involvedDIY time consuming