Dietary Protein

Updated on June 2, 2021

What Is Dietary Protein?

Dietary proteins are made up of amino acids, in predefined chains that determine their roles within the body.

What Role(s) do Dietary Proteins Play in the Body?

Amino acids, which are produced by the breakdown of dietary proteins in the digestive process, play a role in the “re-assembly” (synthesis) of proteins (building blocks) needed for the body to function. These include the repair of organs and tissues, transporting molecules, sending messages from one organ to another (hormones), and help combat disease (antibodies).

What are the Sources for Dietary Protein?

Good sources of dietary proteins are chiefly from species appropriate animals and some vegetables.

Too much or Too Little Dietary Protein?

Some physiological conditions require more dietary protein than others; for example growth, gestation, lactation or demanding physical activity.