Updated on June 2, 2021

Is Water Important?

Indeed, Water is a major constituent of your cat or dogs’ body. It is the most important nutrient for life and plays a part in all major physiological functions.

What Role(s) Does Water Play in the Body?

Water has many essential functions for life:

  • Ideal medium to transport nutrients and waste throughout the body;
  • Required for most metabolic processes;
  • Regulation of body temperature;
  • Lubrication of the joints, the eyes and the inner ear.

What are the Sources of Water?

Source of water (dietary moisture intake) include:

  • Free drinking;
  • Food (McKibble contains less than 10% water, and McCan can contain up to 80% water. Real and Raw food typically contains 75% or more moisture.
  • By-product of the metabolic process.

Too Much or Too Little Water?

Free access to clean drinking water helps prevent dehydration. Body water loss of more than 10% can have serious health implications.