My dog inhale his or her food!

Updated on June 2, 2021

My dog is a hoover, help!

Dogs tend to do that. The chewing process is very different with carnivores than it is with us (or herbivores). They do not have flat molars that grind the food. Some dogs and cats will “chew” food only to the point where it is small enough for them to swallow and not necessarily more. Their digestive system is designed to digest bigger chunks of food then ours. If you are fooding ground raw food, such as the brands we represent, your dog may literally skip the chewing part and just swallow mouthfuls. The same is right for small pieces (or large dogs). Keep an eye on your pet when dealing with mid-size bones, they don’t always estimate their swallowing capacity correctly and they may seem to choke and then regurgitate for a second try at chewing the same piece. The best way to “teach” chewing properly is to always give them bones that are a size too big.

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