Updated on June 2, 2021

Where can I find more research on the topic of herbs and spices for cats and dogs?

There are many books & blogs on the use of herbs available online. We often refer to the book titled “Herbs for Pets“, by Gregory L. Tilford and Mary L. Wulff. Self-medication is a rapidly growing topic of interest in pharmacists, physicians, ethnobotanists, parasitologist, conservationists, and ecologists for research and development, and one would be able to assume that the research initiatives will start vindicating herbal solutions as alternatives to chemical. We have therefore only listed those sources, resources and research papers that we used to research the topic of herbs and spices for cats and dogs. There are many more available online and through resources such as Google Scholar.

We should never forget that the ancestors of our domesticated fur kids were wild and capable of looking after themselves very successfully using what nature had provided. It is also important to remember that with herbs (and spices), there are no absolutes, but rather, ranges of active components in a plant. Nature does not create every plant equally. Our list is therefore not definitive, nor exhaustive, but growing and “work in progress“, focused on a small subset of herbs and spices that are safe for cats and dogs, so check back on a regular basis.