Transitioning Healthy Dogs to a Raw Food Diet?

Updated on June 2, 2021
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Any tips for transitioning healthy dogs to a raw food diet?

The Slow Path …

Younger and healthier dogs can transition more quickly than older dogs or dogs with digestive issues. If your dog has no signs of illness or digestive difficulties such as loose stools, constipation or occasional vomiting, then you may be able to transition them in 5-7 days. This gradual transition aids in helping your dog’s gastrointestinal system adapt to the new meals:

  • Begin by substituting 1⁄8th raw meal for your dog’s current food.
  • After three meals, double the raw meal portion (to ¼), while reducing the kibble by the same amount.
  • After three more meals, double the raw meal portion again (to ½) and reduce the kibble again.
  • After feeding ½ raw meal for 3 meals, give them a full raw meal.

If your dog tolerates this well with no digestive upset or other symptoms of discomfort, you have successfully switched your dog!

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