Who Can Transition?

Updated on June 2, 2021

Are there Rules for which mutts, pups and nobles can transition to raw food?

As a rule of thumb every cat or dog will benefit immensely from a raw diet. Of course the younger and healthier your fur kids, the easier the switch. Puppies and kittens will have the easiest time, especially if they have never eaten anything else and can see their mom doing the same. Remember THIS IS natural for them. Fur kids who have been fed commercial food all their lives may be reluctant to change their habit and may require some help and “persuasion”. Cats (and some dogs) are known to be a little fussy when it comes to their food so again some patients and maybe cunningness may be necessary. For very old or sick fur kids more care should be taken. If in doubt it is always advisable to consult with a pet health professional that has experience in the subject. Some vets are not yet open to the raw food diet, and naturally will not be able to provide positive advice.

From our own experience, it is often harder for the human involved than the animal …

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