Without carbs, where does the energy come from?

Updated on June 2, 2021

Without carbs in the raw diet, where does the energy come from?

Qualitative: With no grains or starchy vegetables in the raw diet, where does my fur kids get their energy from?

When our pets eat dry pet food, most of their energy comes from carbohydrates. That is, from starch, and also, from added sugar. Both sugar and starch are damaging forms of carbohydrate that could be biologically inappropriate for pet animals. Together, these two carbohydrates make an enormous contribution to the degenerative diseases in our pets.

Qualitative: Does the lack of grains and starch impact energy in dogs and cats?

When your fur kids eat their biologically species appropriate diet their energy comes principally from protein and fat and very little from carbohydrate. Deriving their energy principally from fats and proteins is health promoting for our fur kids. Grains can cause sugar levels to rise and then quickly fall causing highs and lows in insulin levels.

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