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There are two schools of thought regarding the provision of variety …

The first states, that given a complete, balanced diet appropriate to the age and physiological state of the animal, the diet should be fed and nothing else. Dogs and cats have no scientific or nutritional requirement for change and variety in their diets. This is a concept that many pet parents will find difficult to accept – not surprisingly when you remember that the psychological associations food has for huumans. Most pet parents, guardians and slaves would rapidly become bored with their diet if they had to eat the same food each day and they assume that their pets feel the same way.

The second view states that variety is as good for pets as in the wild, they would eat different foods according to season and circumstances. Being used to different foods, tastes and textures, makes for easier introduction of new diets should they become medically necessary later in life.

Whichever view you subscribe to, there is some justification for saying that pets fed one food, either because they demonstrate a liking for that food, or for economic reasons on the part of the pet parent, will develop a preference for that food through habit only.

Read our article titled Energetics of Food and Meal Planning to help you with your meal plan selection and protein variety in the diet.

In the end, it is important for the pet parents, guardians and slaves to be comfortable with different food types. We believe that variety is the spice of life, and like to rotate our fur kids’ diets. It takes some getting use the smell of tripe though

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