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More About Carniraw Raw Dog and Cat Food

Do It Yourself or Prey Raw Feeder? Carniraw is your premier supplier of prey model raw, or prey appropriate raw diets for cats and dogs. Pre-made meals from registered manufacturers also on the menu.

Why Carniraw Raw Food for Cats and Dogs?

Is Carniraw Registered with DAFF?

As the premiere supplier of prey model raw food for cats and dogs, Carniraw does not require registration with DAFF. All of the premade meals on offer are however registered with the appropriate V numbers.

What Ingredients are used in Carniraw Pet Cuisine?

All Carniraw ingredients are of top quality and human grade. The diet is made up of either free range raw chicken or beef muscle meat, bone meal, bones and vital organs, for cats and with seasonal vegetables, fruit and herbs in balanced proportion for dogs.

What Packaging is Available from Carniraw?

Carniraw offer a variety of brands and whole or prey meals, in freezer-friendly poly packaging, for dogs in 500 gram and 1kg packs.

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