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More About PaleoPet Pure

PaleoPet Pure products are all registered with the appropriate V numbers, which is a legal requirement and makes PaleoPet Pure compliant with the regulations required to sell pet food in South Africa.

Why PaleoPet Pure?

Is PaleoPet Pure Registered with DAFF?

Yes, all PaleoPet Pure raw food for cats and dogs are registered with the appropriate V numbers.

What Ingredients are used in PaleoPet Pure Products?

All PaleoPet Pure ingredients are of top quality and human grade. The diet is made up of either free range raw chicken or beef muscle meat, bone meal, bones and vital organs, for cats and with seasonal vegetables, fruit and herbs in balanced proportion for dogs.

What Packaging is Offered by PaleoPet Pure?

PaleoPet Pure come in freezer-friendly poly packaging, for dogs in 750 gram and 1.5 kg tubs.