Myth #1 – A raw food diet will make my dog aggressive (“bloodthirsty”)

A raw food diet will make my dog aggressive? In our opinion, there are no “bad” dogs, just bad humans (pet parents / guardians). We are not sure what the concept of “bloodthirsty” means, exactly, considering that dogs are “hunters”, and so are cats? How does fooding a dog what it was designed to be fed make it bloodthirsty? Dogs are carnivorous predators, or a term we prefer, facultative carnivorous predators, or if you subscribe to the Raw Feeding Veterinary Societies (RFVS) definition, “captive carnivores”. A dog that chases things (with or without killing them) is just being true to what it is: a dog. Fooding a dog meat is not going to turn a dog into some vicious animal that will attack every living thing that moves. Except, of course, Count Dracula’s hound Zoltan …

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