Myth #3 – A raw food diet will give my dog worms (or parasites)

Raw Pet Food for Cats and Dogs

A raw food diet will give my dog worms? In our opinion, the presence of worms is not just related to raw food, but many other life events. It is an unfortunate reality of life, worms can invade your dog’s (or cat) body when they smell, drink, lick, and ingest dirt, rotten meat, trash and even poop. If your dog play around in the backyard or walks around where other dogs can defecate, you might not even notice how they pick up unseen worm eggs or larvae. Dogs can also pass worms to other dogs, and even humans, simply through normal socialization. Exclusively calling on real food as the source for worms and / or parasites is therefore a very narrow view of the situation. Please read the related post(s) to gain more insight into the topic.

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