Myth #7 – Raw fooding is expensive

Raw Pet Food for Cats and Dogs

In all fairness, and in our opinion, costs will depend on the outcome you want to achieve. If you are transitioning your dog (or cat) from a low cost, generic store-bought feed to real food, chances are that it won’t cost much more. If you are transitioning from high-end imported feed, then you will find it costs less or similar. It is like project management, nobody ever has the time and money to implement a project correctly the first time, yet, they always seem to have money and time to fix it the second time? Of course, we all wish that money was no object when it came to our fur kids. Many pet parents believe that spending money now will prevent the costs associated with health problems later. Based on our experience, in the long run, fooding real food will cost less than you think, as you need to factor in cost deferral or avoidance with reference to veterinary services and many other health related issues (arthritis, allergies, diabetes, bad teeth, etc).

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