Myth #8 – Raw food isn’t suitable for small and toy dog breeds

The size of your dog (or cat) does not mean they are “more or less” suited to real food, it simply means you would need to adjust the size of the foods or portions you give them. For small dogs and kittens, choose smaller cuts of meat and cut portions into smaller chunks to help them chew more easily if you make your own. For example, you might give smaller pets raw mince portions or pure meat chunks, combined with smaller chunks of vegetables. Sizing also applies to larger pets, who are at risk of choking on smaller chunks of food. In these cases, larger cuts of meat, fish or portion sizes are more suitable for them. At Raw Food for Pets, we offer Doggobone, Simply Pets, Dogmatters and Raw Love Pet pre-made meals that makes this easy, with raw food formats to suit all needs, ranging from pure meat portions and minces to complete and balanced meals. Our fooding calculator can help you understand just how much you should be fooding your pet. Please read the related post(s) to gain more insight into the topic.

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