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Myth #10 – Raw food diets pose a risk to humans

Raw Pet Food for Cats and Dogs
This myth is a corollary of “Fooding Raw places your pack at risk of salmonella (or other bugs)” myth.

This myth is a corollary of “fooding raw places your pack at risk of salmonella (or other bugs)” myth. Within the veterinary profession there is a very vocal lobby opposing the concept of real raw food. The anti-raw-food lobby is keen to point out that raw foods are laden with bacteria and pose a risk for both the pet and the owner. Firstly, our pet parents, guardians and slaves must understand that the risk in fooding a raw diet is not as simple as being touted by the “anti-raw” movement. ALL foods have some degree of risk, so the question isn’t whether risk exists. The question is whether the risk is unacceptable. The reality is that ALL foods carry some type of risk, from the meal out of a 5-star restaurant kitchen, to the hotdog from the roadside stall, to the chicken and eggs you buy from your favourite retail outlet. Secondly, canines and felines are not humans. They have a disparate digestive tract and process. For example, we can eat all the onion we want without harm, but some dogs can get anaemic from a single, small portion of them. We can eat many slabs of chocolate and merely get fat or nauseous, while dogs can die from even a lesser amount. We can get extremely sick from raw meat, while our pets thrive on it as their natural diet. Again, they are not human. Please read the related post(s) to gain more insight into the topic.

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