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Myth #12 – Different breeds require different diets

Raw Pet Food for Cats and Dogs
In our minds, this truly is a fad that is designed to take unknowing pet parents' money and make a big profit.

In our minds, this truly is a fad that is designed to take unknowing pet parents’ money and make a big profit. The idea that Salukis should have mostly goats’ milk, dates, and only a tiny amount of meat because there is hardly any meat in the region they come from, is rather preposterous. These claims fail to consider that all dogs have the same internal anatomy and physiology and the same nutritional needs despite size and breed. For example, view the different skulls of dogs; all of them have the same kinds of teeth that dictate carnivore. If we look at this further from a practical, common sense point of view, we are faced with a powerful question: What about mutts? If dogs have “evolved” in that short time period to eat only the foods from the regions in which they were developed, then what do you feed a dog that has a variety of different dogs contained in its heritage? Most of the time people can only guess what breeds of dogs contributed to their loving pet, and if dogs had to be fed a designer diet, they would be at a loss for what to feed it. Thankfully, canine heritage and nature herself point to the proper answer: fooding a raw natural diet! Please read the related post(s) to gain more insight into the topic.

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