Myth #13 – Your pet can ONLY get the nutrition it needs from dry feed

Raw Pet Food for Cats and Dogs

In our opinion, this myth has been perpetuated by McKibble and McCan to discourage pet parents from fooding real food. The truth is that some commercial feed can cause obesity, diabetes, cancer, and allergies or allergic reactions, such as skin rash. Additionally, store bought, or veterinarian sold, kibble can include a long list of ingredients that are not so healthy for your pets. Many dry dog feed contain animal by-product (waste), otherwise known as the waste items humans won’t or shouldn’t eat, as well as grain or grain by-products (waste), such as corn meal or wheat. These by-products can contribute to health problems for your pet because they are not part of their natural diet. Unfortunately, feed manufactured in other countries, especially Asian countries, can contain other harmful ingredients, which can be very hazardous to your pet’s health. Read the Raw Feeding Veterinary Societies (RFVS) opinion on this topic, titled WSAVA Problem 3 Nutritional Deficiency and Excess. Please read the related post(s) to gain more insight into the topic.

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