Myth #14 – Dogs are Living Longer

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It’s true that dogs live longer, but whether it is due to kibble, is big area of debate. Conversely, it can be also be argued that this increase in lifespan is due to the improved medical care that our beloved dogs and cats receive in today’s modern world. In our minds, this concept is rather misleading, as we are of the opinion that our fur kids are living longer today because of improved social status and advances in medical care. “Back in the day” dogs were not considered the valuable family members and companions they are today. Dogs were left outside to brave the elements. They were guardians of house, possessions, and livestock. Dogs had a purpose, a job, and when they could not do that job, they were retired or disposed of. Medical care for dogs was scant and typically unimportant, as more prestige was gained from being a livestock vet than a canine vet. Very little notice was given to the dog’s health if it could still do what was asked of it. Canine kids’ longevity and quality of life has been decreasing for many breeds since the advent of processed grain-based food. People who remember the “old days” when dogs were fed raw meaty bones often report their dogs living well through their late teens. Nowadays it is a “miracle” and a testament to the “excellent nutrition” the fur kid must have received, and vets and commercial pet food companies claim this “miracle” as occurring often enough to become “commonplace”. Too bad most of the vets who remember the good old days have now retired or even moved on. Please read the related post(s) to gain more insight into the topic.

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