Every Bite Your Cat or Dog Take ..

Is Either Fighting Disease or Feeding It ….

Even the most rabid opponents of natural and real diets cannot deny that dogs and cats would not even be here today if they could not thrive on an uncooked raw and real food diet. Dogs and cats have eaten unprocessed food for a whole lot longer than they have eaten cooked or processed foods. It is difficult for us to understand, in the face of this one fact, how any pet parent, much less thousands of veterinarians, could deny that biologically, species appropriate, raw and real foods, are healthful for dogs and cats.

Real Food for Cats and Dogs

Contain No GMO Grain and Soy Free

Gluten, grain, lentil, rice, soy, pea, tapioca and potato free real food, fruits and vegetables for cats and dogs.

Contains Real Vitamins and Minerals

Non-synthetic food-based vitamins and minerals, no artificial flavorings, coloring or chemical preservatives for cats and dogs.