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  1. Thomas Lonsdale Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health (2001) ISBN: 9781617810336 Tags: Diet
    Thomas Lonsdale Work Wonders (2005) ISBN: 9781617810305 Tags: Parenting
  2. Carina Beth MacDonald Raw Dog Food (2003) ISBN: 9781617810091 Tags: Diet
  3. Bill Hill Healthy Homemade Dog Food (2014) ISBN: 9781312276949 Tags: Diet
  4. Ian Billinghurst The Barf Diet (2016) ISBN: 9781617811777 Tags: Diet
  5. Ian Billinghurst Give Your Dog a Bone (1993) ISBN: 9781617811005 Tags: Diet
  6. Lew Olson Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs, Revised Edition: The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals (2015) ISBN: 9781583949481 Tags: Diet
  7. Kymythy Schultze Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats: The Ultimate Diet (1999) ISBN: 9781401932565 Tags: Diet
  8. Susanne Reinerth Natural Dog Food: Raw Feeding for Dogs: A comprehensive guide to healthy dog nutrition (2014) ISBN: 9783735765529 Tags: Diet
  9. Silke Böhm Raw Food Diet for Dogs: Feeding fresh meat made easy! (2011) ISBN: 9780857886521 Tags: Diet
  10. Jennifer Lee The Inner Carnivore (2014) ISBN: 9781312052666 Tags: Diet
  11. Steve Brown Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet: Healthier Dog Food the ABC Way (2009) ISBN: 9781929242832 Tags: Diet
  12. Jean. W. Dodds, Diana Laverdure Canine Nutrigenomics: The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health (2014) ISBN: 9781617811548 Tags: Diet
  13. Randy Kidd Dr. Kidds Guide to Herbal Cat Care (2000) ISBN: 9781580171885 Tags: Herbs
  14. Randy Kidd Dr. Kidds Guide to Herbal Dog Care (2000) ISBN: 9781580171892 Tags: Herbs
  15. Mary L. Wulff, Greg L. Tilford Herbs for Pets: The Natural Way to Enhance Your Pet’s Life (2011) ISBN: 9781935484769 Tags: Herbs
  16. Stephen Harrod Buhner Herbal Antivirals: Natural Remedies for Emerging & Resistant Viral Infections (2013) ISBN: 9781612123851 Tags: Herbs
  17. Stephen Harrod Buhner Herbal Antibiotics, 2nd Edition: Natural Alternatives for Treating Drug-resistant Bacteria (2012) ISBN: 9781603428798 Tags: Herbs
  18. Juliette de Baïracli Levy The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat (1991) ISBN: 9780571161157 Tags: Herbs
  19. Richard H. Pitcairn, Susan Hubble Pitcairn Dr. Pitcairns Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats (4th Edition) (2017) ISBN: 9781623367565 Tags: Parenting
  20. Andrew Chevallier Encyclopedia Of Herbal Medicine: 550 Herbs and Remedies for Common Ailments (2016) ISBN: 9780241282465 Tags: Herbs
  21. Martha Moore Beyond Cortisone: Herbal Alternatives for Inflammation (1999) ISBN: 9780879838379 Tags: Herbs
  22. Ann N. Martin Food Pets Die for: Shocking Facts about Pet Food (2003) ISBN: 9780939165469 Tags: Parenting
  23. Donald R. Strombeck Home-Prepared Dog and Cat Diets: The Healthful Alternative (1999) ISBN: 9780813821498 Tags: Diet
  24. Shawn Messonnier Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats: Your A-Z Guide to Over 200 Conditions, Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements (2010) ISBN: 9780307558602 Tags: Parenting
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