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Thinking about adding raw eggs to your fur kids diet? There are several benefits of adding raw eggs, but there are also common misconceptions that cause pet parents to avoid this healthful addition to their pet’s nutrition. We discuss this topic in short.
Fooding Eggs for Cats and Dogs

Eggs! Misconceptions, Do’s and Dont’s

Are you considering adding raw eggs to your mutts, pups, nobles, masters and muggles diet? Raw eggs are one of the simplest ways to give your fur kids essential nutrients that they may be lacking. There are several benefits of adding raw eggs, but there are also common misconceptions that cause pet parents, guardians and slaves to avoid this healthful addition to their fur kids nutrition. Follow these easy guidelines below for foolproof raw egg fooding.

Eggs are a perfect food. Packed with essential bioavailable nutrients in a mineral-rich package. Every part of an egg can contribute to your fur kids health. The egg yolk, egg white, eggshell membrane and the eggshell. Dogs and cats can consume eggs raw with or without the shell or cooked no shell. Allow your pack to choose their preference.

Eggs offer complete source of protein, essential fatty acids, essential minerals and vitamins. Eggs are rich in protein complete with all nine essential amino acids:

Carotenoids important for eye health:

  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin.

Your pack can consume a variety of eggs. Eggs sourced from birds, domesticated poultry, land-fowl and waterfowl including:

SourceSizeCaloriesFatProteinIU Vit ACholine
Quail9g14 cal1g fat1g protein49 IU Vit A24mg choline
Chicken50g71 cal5g fat6g protein244 IU Vit A126mg choline
Duck70g130 cal10g fat9g protein472 IU Vit A184mg choline
Goose144g266 cal19g fat20g protein936 IU Vit A379mg choline

Myths and Concerns

Eggs can be a source of valuable nutrition for dogs and cats… but there are many conflicting and misleading information floating around that discourage pet parents from fooding eggs to dogs and cats. Your dog and cat can enjoy the amazing nutritional value of eggs!

Concern: Eggs contain salmonella

The number one concern of fooding raw eggs is the contamination of bacteria. We know that if we come in contact with salmonella there could be a very serious outcome. While dogs and cats have a different bacteria in their digestive systems that equips them to handle many more bacteria than the human digestive system can, salmonella can be a concern.

However, we’ve been taught to fear that all uncooked eggs could contain salmonella. The truth is that it is the health of the hen and the cleanliness of her surroundings that determines the bacteria that her eggs will carry. Unhealthy egg laying hens that are kept in unsanitary, confined spaces are more likely to transmit bad bacteria to their eggs.

The safest way to fooding your fur kids raw eggs is to choose eggs from organic, free range sources (such as the supreme quail eggs we provide), reputable sources!

Concern: Egg whites interfere with digestion

It is true that egg whites contain an enzyme that can interfere with your pet’s digestion. However, there is no reason for this to stop you from fooding your dog and cats raw eggs. When eggs are a staple of an animal’s diet they will inhibit their digestion – as with anything that is overfed such as oils, fats and bones. This is why a balanced diet is so important.

It is perfectly safe to food your fur kids eggs as a regular part of their diet as long as you don’t see any evidence that your fur kids digestive system becomes upset after eating them.

Concern: There’s risk of a biotin deficiency

Biotin is a B vitamin that contributes to your dog’s healthy skin and coat, his cellular growth and his ability to metabolize fatty acids.

Avidin is a B vitamin inhibitor found in egg whites, but the truth is, to create a level of deficiency your fur kids would have to eat a large number of eggs on a regular basis. In addition, egg yolks are high in biotin, thus making up for the avidin in the egg whites. See our discussion on vitamins and anti-vitamins.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Do: Food them raw! Raw eggs are a complete source of nutrition just as they are.
  • Don’t: Cook them. Cooking eggs removes many of their essential nutrients. Always food them raw!
  • Do: Buy organic and buy reputable. Commercially bought eggs are sprayed with wax and chemicals to enhance their appearance. These enhancements are harmful to your fur kids.
  • Don’t: Toss the shells (if you’re buying local and organic). Egg shells contain calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other microelements.
  • Do: Food them regularly. Raw whole eggs can be fed two or more times a week. So long as your fur kids diet is balanced they should be able to eat raw eggs regularly. However, if you do notice that your fur kids digestive system is upset, cut back on how often you’re fooding raw eggs until you find your fur kids happy balance.
  • Don’t: Overfeed. Eggs should never be a staple of a dog’s diet. Instead, raw eggs should be fed as a nutritional bonus. As mentioned above, your dog’s digestion will be affected if he or she is being fed too many eggs.

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