Fooding for Life

Pre- Pro- and SynBiotics for your Mutts Pups Nobles and Masters
Immune System

Synbiotics and Your Pet’s Happiness ..

Synbiotics and other functional foods are now being considered important tools to help maintaining huumans and pets in good health, for prevention of disease, and / or as alternatives for

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Health Problems in Pets

Kidney Disease and Diet

Kidneys are vital organs that have been tasked to take waste out of our, and our fur kids, blood, balancing body fluids, and making pee. Kidneys act as the body’s

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Diabetes, the New Epidemic

Diabetes (not just in cats and dogs) is a disease reaching epidemic proportions across the globe. Most cases in our pets are like what is called Type 2 diabetes in

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Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and Fleas ..

Ticks and fleas are horrible and annoying bugs, hard to get rid of, hard to live with, and just downright weird! I mean, think about it: They suck your blood,

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Raw Food for Pets