Fooding for Life

Why Should I make The Switch?

BARF Raw Pet Food for Cats and Dogs
Cats are widely known as an obligate carnivore in the pet nutrition world. Dogs, on the other hand, are scavengers - but thrive on evolutionary nutrition. This means that in nature, out of necessity, our fur kid's diet consists only of raw prey. For a cat, eating raw food can be viewed as a biological obligation.

With all of the pet food and feed choices on the market today that pet parents, guardians and slaves are faced with, how does one choose? This can be a stressful decision as it can determine the longevity and quality of life of your fur kids. Many McKibble and McCan foodstuff out there promise quality and nutrition but fall short in the ingredients list. Corn, grain, soy, starch, vegetable oils and fats and preservative laden foods can take a toll on your fur kid’s system and lead to potential health problems in their future. Removing all of the fillers and extra ingredients that are not necessary from your fur kid’s diet will allow them to digest their food easier, and therefore fully utilize the nutrition provided from healthy, whole ingredients.

Even if you choose a dry kibble that is grain free, starch free and even “organic”, most of the enzymes and vitamins that come naturally from the fresh food ingredients used won’t even make it to the bag, hence, why most dry kibbles have vitamins and other substitutes added to them. Once it is processed and cooked at high temperatures, it becomes a hard crunchy essence of its original form. If you take the original whole ingredients that the dry kibble was to begin with, and cut out all of the additives, processing and cooking – well that’s a good start! Your fur kid’s stomach is built to digest raw meat, bone and organ, which will become apparent almost immediately after starting.

Smaller, more consistent and less stinky poo, a healthy soft and shiny coat, great oral health, clear eyes, increased energy and vitality, fewer common ailments, which result in less vet visits and most importantly – longevity! We want our furry companions to be a part of our lives for as long as possible – raw and real food will be a contributing factor to their long, happy, healthy life.

Raw Food for Pets